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Bella Hadid doesn’t care that her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd is dating Selena Gomez.

The 21-year-old supermodel was left heartbroken earlier this year when she found out the Fetish hitmaker – who she knew through mutual friends – had struck up a romance with the 27-year-old singer simply two months after they ended their on/off relationship in solana resorts.

However, it seems there are no longer any hard emotions between the brunette magnificence and the 25-year-old pop celebrity because she’s not thinking about her ex’s dating life.

Speaking on Bravo’s Watch What Occurs Live With Andy Cohen, the web host asked Bella’s mom, Yolanda Hadid, whether her daughter was hung up on the actual fact her ex – flame had jumped right into a romance with her distant pal.

And the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star explained: ‘Not at all I think.’

Bella’s insufficient interest comes a few months after she admitted that her and The Weeknd’s split up might always weigh heavy on her heart since it was her first genuine split.

She said: ‘As an outsider, it might seem I handled it so well but it certainly is in my heart, and you definitely feel it incredibly heavily. It will likely be hard for some time. Love hurts, nevertheless, you need to pull through. There is no awkwardness between us.’

Rumors are actually swirling that Bella is enjoying a good romance with rapper Drake after he planned a good 21st birthday bash on her behalf over the weekend.

‘He organized it and paid for everything,’ a origin told UsWeekly.

The supermodel and several pals gathered at Socialista lounge in NY on Monday.

When asked simply by Cohen about whether Drake splashed the money for Bella’s birthday, Yolanda played coy replying: ‘He did, seriously? I didn’t understand that? I don’t…They’re good friends.’

News galore

Last week we heard a lot about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Once they split up, did Tom ruin his image? Was he the future James Bond? We don’t know.

UK actor Tom Hiddleston opened up about their 2016 summer romance along with the young Taylor, insisting their partnership “was real” but detailing that his much-mocked “I (heart) T. S. ” tank top was simply a joke.

The three-month love between Thor actor plus US pop star quickly became a celebrity press obsession this past year, cataloged within paparazzi shots on seashores and at restaurants, along with pool cleaning shots with Anaheim Pool Cleaners.

Numerous viewed it with mistrust, questioning whether it had been the publicity stunt meant to increase the public images associated with both Hiddleston, 36, plus Swift, 27. It finished in September without explanation.

“Taylor is an amazing lady, ” Hiddleston told GQ magazine in an job interview for the March problem that was released recently. “She’s generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best time. Of course it was real, ” he said.

Attending the Emmys!

I visited the Emmys!

Let’s pretend to be cool about it 🙂

My visit to Los Angeles started out with the ride in an airplane, all on my own, since Hugh couldn’t come on this trip. I actually already dislike flying greatly, and doing it alone…no fun at all.

The only way to get through it was a lot of knitting and reading.

As soon as we touched down at LAX, my first adventure with an Uber driver began. She was a fashion designer who picked up extra cash on the side driving individuals from LAX airport on her way home from her studio. Or at least that’s what she told me. Either way, pretty awesome.

She brought me to the adorable Tangerine Hotel in Burbank where my brother and sister-in-law were waiting for me, and we wasted no time starting on touristy things.

Emmys-award-show    Emmys-award

Like going to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and going shopping around the Walk of Fame. Humphrey Bogart seems like my kind of guy.

I made my own chocolate bar at an otherwise disappointing candy store that I will not name here. Seriously, if you call yourself the world’s largest candy store, you shouldn’t have more souvenir tee shirts than things that are edible.

However the chocolate bar was downright tasty.

Am I done speaking about non-Emmy things yet?


Now, initially, when my brother said he would come on this trip, he merely said that we’d be attending a “special event” on Sunday, and that I needed to buy a nice dress. Later, I found out exactly what the event was, which is a good thing, because I tend to go out of my way to not get dressed up for any reason. Which would have been bad.

As soon as I knew that I needed an awesome dress (and that I didn’t really want to look like I was going to the prom), I knew exactly where to go. Trashy Diva is a fantastic shop within New Orleans that markets handmade vintage-inspired dresses along with a huge range of  styles, fabrics, and dimensions, and there was already a dress I wanted and needed a good excuse to splurge upon.

Now about the Emmy’s:

The band was within of the giant panoramic column the complete time, concealed with the rings of video clip screens. How freaking great is that? During every break, the band would certainly continue playing long right after the lights came upward, and then the video screens would display for the audience how long they had before the live broadcast started again. (Oh, and I can’t leave out that before the show started, they had whatever football game was playing on Fox up on those screens. One of the guys behind us said, “They have the game on? This is the best day! ”)

Usually the band would stop playing rather abruptly when there was 1-2 minutes left so that they could pick up on the right section when the show began again. Then, the entire audience would hear the particular stage manager call the particular time left before the particular feed picked support once again. There were requests regarding applause at strategic occasions, and we were informed to respectfully stay peaceful throughout the “In Memoriam” area.

Also, when you watch the show live, you don’t get to notice the occasions where the particular winners walk onto stage.

I imagine this is usually because if the cameramen caught the video screens on the side in their frame, it would probably loop back and cause one of those infinite loop things that seemed very cool back when I was in my high school television class. You don’t get to hear the announcer lady with the interesting facts about each winner either. You just clap and clap and clap until you can’t clap any longer.

I’m trying to sit and process and select my favorite instances through the show for a person, but the whole thing just looks like the blur now. I clapped and screamed my intestines out for Jeffrey Tambor, Allison Janney, Uzo Aduba, Peter Dinklage, Jon Hamm, and Tracy Morgan — that at least I recall. I delighted in Andy Samberg, just like I actually normally do. I got involved in a battle associated with wits using a dude sitting down on my left who thought that he needed both armrests at all times to ensure that he could text more efficiently, I guess.

Most of all, I had fun.

Then we made it a point to get back to the hotel as soon as possible, get out of those crazy black tie outfits, and eat a ton of pizza. It has been great.


Sarah and Hugh’s parents were out of town….

So of course they had to throw the party to be remembered!

They hosted a gigantic party for all of our cousins and friends. I lived in Omaha for a bit, so I got to see several friends that I hadn’t seen in ages. They setup a facebook event and it became a block party of sorts, as most of the younger crowd on their block attended the party, too.

Here are some photos from the party:

Sarah and her friend:


People chilling in the parents’ pool:



They need to get this for their next party:

Beautiful decorations from a pinterest pool party. Amazing.

Next time around, I will get the party catered. I searched for catering services near me and found a great caterer that I will hire next time. I’m so excited!

Visiting my cousins Sarah and Hugh in Omaha, NE!


I’m currently staying with my favorite cousins Sarah and Hugh from my mom’s side in Omaha. They are brother and sister and great buds. They really get on each others’ nerves, but they also make up and have the wildest jokes together. They are so close that when they moved away from home, they decided to share an apartment in downtown Omaha.

We went to the Henry Doorly Zoo today:

My favorites were the zebras. I think the baby zebras were cuddling each other here:


We also saw hyenas, lions, cheetahs, and giraffes. Sarah fell in love with the bunnies, of course.

Just so you can get a glimpse of how awesome this zoo is:


However, I’m not fully supportive of zoos. They are pretty incredible because we get to see all these animals we wouldn’t normally see, but I still feel a bit uncomfortable about them locked up in there. I read recently that some animals get depressed when they get locked up for a long time like that.  Who knew that animals could get depressed?


It was an incredible day, anyway.

Tomorrow we have a big party planned for all the young(er) cousins.


My Life in Denver, CO

Hello there,

I live in the best city in the world (in my opinion, at least): Denver, CO

My dad owns a large real estate development company here and I’m a bit of a socialite.

Don’t hate me for it.

I do have a comfortable life, but having the public eye on you has it’s downsides, too… people love to judge!

I’ll share bits of my life with you through this blog.